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GILB offers a wide range of collateral and non-collateral based loan products designed to meet the specific needs of low income and marginalized rural population.

General Loan
Basic loan services that GILB offers to its members when they enroll into our micro-finance institution. This loan is designed for income generating activities only. New members are eligible for general loan for up to NRs. 75,000 in the first year. Then after the loan amount can be gradually increased every consecutive year up to a maximum limit of NRs.2,50,000.00, considering the number of years as a member and repayment history of the member.

Agriculture Loan
Agriculture loan is targeted to the members who are involved in agricultural production and marketing to enable them to boost their production and sales capacity, but is only offered to the members who have utilized our General Loan with good repayment history. This loan can be disbursed to a maximum of NRs. 5,00,000.

Micro Entrepreneur Loan(Collateral/Non-collateral)
Micro Entrepreneur loan is a collateral and non-collateral based loan product aimed at promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship. To avail this loan, the client may be a member of a group or a non-member, but needs to have a registered small scale business. Depending on the area of business, previous history and collateral, eligible micro-businesses can be funded to a maximum of NPR 15,00,000 and 5,00,000 respectively.

Educational Loan
Educational Loan can be extended client who have children to attain higher degree of education or technical/vocational education. This loan is available to only those clients who have previously utilized General Loan with good credit history. Academic certificates and proof of admission are also required.

Biogas / Alternative Energy Loan
Clients can avail Biogas/Alternative Energy Loan for installing biogas plant, home solar system, water turbine/mill, improved cooking stove, etc. The loan can be provided with or without collateral.

Foreign Employment Loan
Foreign Employment Loan is extended to family member of the client wishing to go abroad for foreign employment. GILB offers this loan to those clients who have utilized General loan with good repayment performance. Loan up to NRs. 7,00,000/- can be disbursed with collateral under this loan service.

Housing loan
Housing loan is extended to clients for purchase of land and build, purchase or renovate a house. This loan is available only to those clients who have previously utilized General Loan with good repayment performance. Loan up to NRs.15,00,000 can be offered to clients under this loan service.